Thursday, April 22, 2010

Health Care

The U.S. House of Representatives voted recently on a Health Care Overhaul bill. We must do everything we can to stop this awful piece of law from being funded. The American people, in poll after poll, opposed this legislation, but Congress refused to listen to us. Therefore, we need to elect a conservative Republican majority this November and defund this so called Health Care Reform Act.

Americans for Tax Reform and the Beacon Hill Institute have just released a study that projects ObamaCare would cost the economy around 700,000 jobs by 2019. Another study shows that 46 percent of doctors say they will stop practicing medicine if the Health Care bill passes.

The government has taken over one sixth of the American economy, and put government bureaucrats between you and your family’s health care providers. It will cost a projected $2.3 trillion over 10 years when fully implemented and dump a huge debt on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren. It creates more than 110 new agencies and bureaucracies in the federal government. It will cut $500 billion from Medicare and $170 billion from Medicare Advantage, resulting in rationed and inferior medical care for senior citizens. It will require taxpayer funding for abortions, and will even require purchasers of private plans to pay a monthly fee to pay for other people’s abortions. It contains no conscience protections for health care providers who do not want to be coerced into performing abortions.

As a small-business owner I certainly acknowledge that our health care system needs to be tweaked. I also recognize this bill for what it is. A big government power grab that ultimately will make our national debt swell, cause taxes to go up, create a shortage of doctors and cause unemployment to go up. Government as an institution does not do many things very well. I certainly do not want to put my health into the hands of the same institution that gave us Amtrak and the Post Office. They could not even efficiently manage the swine flu vaccination. So now the Democrats want to turn over one sixth of the U.S. economy to them.

True reform and the most important element of any health care reform will begin with tort reform. Tort reform, along with allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines, would help lower costs and make health insurance more available and affordable to the ten percent of our population that want health insurance and currently do not have it. President Obama and the democrat controlled Congress have raised our taxes by 500 billion dollars and are destroying the greatest health care system in the world.

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